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Yotta Globla Blockchain Business Expansion

Yotta Globla Blockchain Business Expansion

We adopted YOTTA (ERC-20) using blockchain technology for the platforms we have been operating, such as Yotta Fleamarket, CRM, and Propery Managment, and developed Yotta Pay and Yotta Wallet so that they can be linked and paid at any time, such as online platforms and offline stores. We are preparing a mobile payment system.

In addition, YOTTA using blockchain ERC20 this time can be used in all platforms and services provided by Yotta Global, and will recreate the value of community members by possessing and introducing it.

YOTTA TOKEN: ERC-20 Blockchain YOTTA WALLET: Asset Management with our secured WEB3 Technology. YOTTA PAY: Global Payment System. Ecosystem: USE YOTTA PAY / SHARE your items / EARN YOTTA TOKEN


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