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Yotta CRM
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Yotta CRM, Yotta Flea Market, Yotta Property

Your Smart Cloud Assistant


We sincerely welcome you to join /
Experience the world of convenient platforms.

Your smart cloud assistant for systematic financial activities, Yotta CRM !

YottaCRM is capable of managing contacts, sending birthday or anniversary messages, managing sales, managing invoices, managing checks, managing real estate listings, online advertising, and even financial planning.


Make your sale at Yotta Flea Market.

Garage sale, moving sale, and storage sale can be sold online and offline. You can also rent a booth for sale at an economical cost. Yotta Flea market is a practical marketplace where you can enjoy the economical effect and fun of the flea market by selling unused items.


Use your home or office for promotional sale or leasing. Property Free Promotion Channel, Yotta Property !

We promise to be a "smart cloud assistant" that always grows with you. Thanks.


Yotta CRM, Yotta Flea Market, Yotta Property  with TMPOS, INC(TPPM)


HQ : 11555 Medlock Bridge Rd Suite 100, Johns Creek, GA 30097

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NY : 1250 Broadway, New York City, NY 10001, USA

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