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1-800-201-2664   I

What is Yotta CRM?

1-800-201-2664   I

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, in other words: the management of your relationship database.

YottaCRM can grow your business based on the stability of the system. In these days when customer data management is more important than anything else, a thorough security system and systematic management functions are very important. YottaCRM aims for a complete safety system and supports the growth of your business.  YottaCRM is cloud-based capacity and speed. Yotta boasts the best units beyond Bit, Byte, ~ GB, TB. YottaCRM is a CRM software developed to boast the absolute best unit for professionals to support high volume and speed.

The value of CRM is described well in this article by Forbes, from 2017, which explains why customer relationship management is so important.  These are the reasons why you, as an professional service provider, would use a CRM system such as YottaCRM   


YottaCRM was developed specifically for Everyone ! For Free !

YottaCRM allows you to have your own smart cloud assistant for free. Contact, invoice, SMS, bookkeeping, property management and product management are free.

YottaShop is a platform that provides on/off connection to the flea market, which enables users to manage and trade products used in homes and companies, so that anyone can use it conveniently.

YottaRealty allows you to manage your residential, business and commercial buildings for free, as well as connect and advertise online.

We’ll put you on the right path.

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