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YottaCRM Reliable, Fast and Accurate.
YottaCRM Developed specifically for professional jobs.
YottaCRM Economical and Efficient.
YottaCRM Integrated function with a single platform.

Invoice/Sale Management

Invoice management is an internal business function linked to procurement and is responsible for managing and processing invoice documents from vendors and suppliers. The invoice management process usually involves the following steps: receiving the invoice, extracting invoice information, validating and verifying the invoice information, approving payments and finally archiving the invoice for future reference.

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Check Management

Do you ask for a check every time at the bank?​

Here is the solution.

Buy only check papers.

Don't spend money or wait anymore.

Directly issue company and individual check

YottaCRM is the solution.


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Contact Management

Contact management is the process of recording contacts' details and tracking their interactions with a business. Such systems have gradually evolved into an aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which allow businesses to improve sales and service levels leveraging a wider range of data.

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SMS Management

Everyone is too busy.

Yotta remembers for loved ones and valued customers.

And it stimulates their emotions.

Important days such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries are easy to forget due to busy daily life Yotta has it ready for you.

Remember YottaCRM confirming to be your perfect secretary.


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Property Management

Is your profession related to real estate?
Listing management and customer management are important points for real estate brokers, agents, property managers, and other related industries.
YottaCRM can manage everything from real estate listings to efficient advertising to home, commercial and business analytics and sales.
YottaRealty provides the ability for anyone with a property to directly list and advertise online.
It is a special system that allows more users to manage homes, commercial buildings and even business sales at a small cost.
Please select and use.

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