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YOTTA GLOBAL, INC. for global growth

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Great News

We are growing more. We have changed the company name to Yotta Global, Inc. in order to have a year of external growth and internal stability.

This name was chosen for the underlying platform of " Yotta " and for global growth and expansion.

Following YottaCRM, YottaFleaMarket, and Yotta Property, YoTTCoin will be prepared and operated based on blockchain for global growth and payment of Yotta Flea Market.

Yotta Flea Market, which is currently growing based on stores in Georgia and New Jersey, is preparing to open in LA and Las Vegas.

Based in the United States, Yotta Global will continue to grow every day until the day it spreads throughout the world.


YOTTA GLOBAL, INC. / 800-201-2664


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