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Save Earth ! YottaFleaMarket

YottaCRM ! Yotta Flea Market ! Smart Cloud Assistance

New Product and Services : Flea Market For on line platform and off line market place

We are pleased to announce a new service from yottaCRM. TMPOS will shout the slogan Save Earth! by activating the Flea Market. We officially launched This service is a platform for exchanging various items that were used at home and in the office that are not currently in use. Anyone can use it for free. In addition, to revitalize the Flea Market, Yotta CRM is creating a small-scale Off-Line Market Place in each region. The first store near the Georgia headquarters is currently being decorated and is scheduled to open in July. We will be able to get a lot of users through Yotta Flea Market. It will be YottaCRM, YottaFleaMarket that strives for more success. / Smart Cloud Assistant

TMPOS, INC (TPPM) 11555 Medlock Bridge Rd, Suite 100, Johns Creek GA 30097 / 1-800-201-2664

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