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What is Yotta Realty ?

There are 1.3 million officially registered real estate agents in the United States.

There are many professionals working in the real estate industry.

However, what do we know? Well, we do know that United States, China, Brazil and Europe are the biggest real estate markets. Indeed, more than 3 million real estate agents work in these countries:

  • United States 2 million

  • China 500,000

  • Brazil 300,000

  • Europe 250,000

  • Canada 100,000

  • Australia 65,000


How can there be 2 million real estate agents in the United States?

Well, because more than 5 million homes are sold each year. Therefore, over 86,000 real estate brokerage firms operate in the country.  Source: nar.realtorIBISworldREIA

United States – 2 million real estate agents

There are about 2 million people holding real estate licenses, and about 1.4 million of them belong to NAR (source). Actually the National Association of Realtors provides an update on this number each month 


















Also, they are paying a lot of money here and there for listing management, listing advertisements, etc.

Here YottaCRM has the answer.

It is basic to manage your own listings at low cost, and has a tool that can directly deliver your listings to consumers as well as listings in the open market.

In addition, according to the characteristics of the real estate industry, it is possible to manage listings by subdividing them into residential, commercial, and business.

Real estate agents are a person-to-person job.

Therefore, customer management is its life.

Text message ramen with sincerity for various anniversaries such as customer's contact information and birthday

Whether you rent, buy or sell a house, or do a variety of real estate transactions, customers will come back.

In addition, it is a system that provides consulting services and allows you to apply many additional functions such as issued invoices and other checks to your own business at low cost.

This is the solution of YottaRealty through YottaCRM.

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